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"African Charter for Peace and Solidarity"
This Charter was redacted during the Congress of African Refoundation (only in french).

Peace above All...
by Ousmane MBAYE

In three groups, the 80 or so participants in the Congress of Refoundation, encompassing every profession and every social stratum, are endeavoring to draw up a charter that will include all the issues linked to the principles of governance for the Africa of tomorrow, to African values and cultures, and to creating a flourishing economy for the continent.

Citizens and states working together

In the committee responsible for deliberating on the principles of good governance, the contributions of the various participants revolved around the question of peace. The conflict between the African states and their citizens was the subject of intense debate in this committee, which is trying to work towards a solution to help the two sectors to live together and work with each other.

The participants of this committee also laid down a few strong principles to support better land management on all levels. In terms of the economy, the ideas are converging around a concept of an African continent able to respond to the basic needs of its population at every social stratum. It was deemed that national production should be focused on the needs of the population. The creation of an African common market, organized around the major national markets and the construction of an African university would certainly provide a better economic base and effective training for African youth in all fields, so that they no longer have to chase after a place in a Western university.

Dealing with the trauma of war

In the "Values and Culture" committee, much serious thought was given to a special definition of human life, the question of art markets, copyright, and education, especially civic-education and history teaching. A different formula is needed for civic and history education so that young people can benefit more from the enriching experiences of war veterans, for example.

How to deal with mental education was also an important point, especially for children who, even if they are lucky to be still living with their families, are often victims of the traumas of war. The right to creativity, exchanges on all levels between the continent's young people, the creation of a peace movement and the commitment of artists and performers of all fields, particularly singers, are all ideas that are generating numerous and enriching opinions.

Tomorrow, the Charter for peace...

Work continues this evening in each of the committees and the reports they draw up will be presented at tomorrow's plenary session. The collation of the three committee reports will then allow us to work on writing the African Charter for Peace and some minimum five-year action plans to work for this charter to be adopted.

- From Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 23 June 2001, Congress of African Refoundation
- African Continental Meeting


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