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Dear Visitors, Friends and Allies,

The consultation on the project of a Constituent Charter for the Alliance is now closed. You can read the final report, drafted on October 11, 2005, in the Analytical Summaries section.

The Foundation Board therefore decided that, as of 2006, it would no longer provide significant financial support for the rekindling or development of the Alliance and expressed this decision in the letter that you can download here. It does not in any way bar the Alliance from continuing; it will, however, entail that Allies be more self-sufficient than in the past in their initiatives, as much for the launching as for the funding of its actions.

The team in charge of the facilitation of the consultation will now establish a new version of the Constituent Charter that will take into account the thoughts and contributions of the 300 and few persons who responded. The support and intercession group proposed in the Charter project will be formed. Many of those who responded to the consultation manifested their desire to be active in the different bodies proposed in the Charter project, in particular in the support and intercession group. The initial project will be reformulated to take into account the importance of this implication.

The team of Allies facilitating this Web site comprises: Natalia Massa, Webmaster, Hervé Maillot, coordinator, Marina Urquidi, Germà Pelayo, Françoise Wautiez, and Patrick Mevzek.




6 December 2005 : 327 answers to the questionnaire

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