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globe logo     Caravana: para un mundo responsable, plural y solidario
Número 8 Junio 2001

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drawing of man sitting on earth reading scroll

Poesia para un mundo responsable, plural y solidario

L'instant dévoué

Rien d'autre que l'instant dévoué
Qui s'écoute passer en silence
La vertu de ses pas feutrés
Rassure les errances de l'âme
Et l'on oublie les lendemains meurtris
La froideur des matins d'hiver
Au voisinage des gens de dehors
Les suspicions et les mines égarées
Les brochures de guerre
Comme des vacances exotiques
Rien d'autre que l'instant dévoué
Qui se repose sur des yeux endormis


Vers un repos réparateur
Des plaies trop souvent réouvertes sur le quotidien
Des batailles vaines pour des territoires inconquis
Des journées déçues, fades et amères
Des paroles incomprises qui tombent dans le vide
Et trop souvent un silence hébété
Perplexe, démesuré
Qui attend le réconfort d'un bruit
Rien d'autre que l'instant dévoué
Qui effleure le corps allongé
Perdu dans des rêves diaphanes
Qui redessinent la vie à portée de main

Omar Meziani (Algérie)


Street people

In the beginning were a few street children.
Now it's gangs and families of street people.
Scavenging in waste bins, begging and stealing
With one and all ignoring the cause.
Religions aside, conscience has died.
Only a pharaoh's heart devoid of feelings.

A minister says they are no security risk.
Yet a hungry man is an angry man.
With glue for breakfast, lunch and supper,
Rotten fruits and crabs of stinking bread,
Drugged to insanity and frustrated to death,
Only an idiot can see them harmless.

Living a life unfit for humans,
Sleeping on pavement and eating in the gutter.
Deprived of education and all human comforts.
The story is sad but has to be told.
Who will break the poverty cycle?
And save the society from a disaster.

A monster of our own making,
A product of poor planning and bad governance.


They say the people get the leaders they deserve.
Who deserves such incompetent rulers?
Visionless, merciless and greedy.
The people should say enough is enough.

Justice and fairness is thrown to the dogs.
The country of plenty moans with scarcity.
While death from hunger is the order of the day,
As rations of necessities is a daily routine.
The preachers of faith blame the devil
When their followers in numbers burn on Earth.

Citizens of my country come together and reason.
The rich and poor, we will all taste from the cup.
Of insecurity and uncertainty for all of us.
The truth is there for all to see.
The mob, the muggers and the killers at large.
Let us rebuild our nation with justice divine.

King Dodge (Kenya)


Nota del editor: Ante la gran dificultad que representa traducir la poesía y afín de no sobrecargar nuestros traductores, a menudo voluntarios, hemos optado por publicar los poemas que recibimos en sus lengua original, en todas las ediciones (francesa, inglesa, castellana). Además consideramos que se trata de un excelente medio de aprehender la diversidad lingüística y cultural.


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