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Migrants of the World, Unite !

Migration has been a fact of human life since humankind came into existence. New hunting grounds, new growing fields, exploration, power and conquest, proselytism of all kinds, plain curiosity, flight from poverty, war or persecution, the reasons for pulling up one’s roots and moving elsewhere have been as varied as humanly conceivable. As history has progressed, the powers that be have attempted to make sure that only the powerful can decide who goes where and why, with sometimes brutal laws and practices. Yet nothing can stop migration, and despite the unspeakable suffering migrants can undergo, migrants are also the leaders of the positive influence of cultures on one another. Today, migrants the world over are understanding that they have a common cause, and that a world alliance of migrants will make it stronger. The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World presents here a few documents for thought… and action.

:: Articles ::

A People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!
:: Gustavo Marin :: July 2006 ::

Empowerment & Migration :: August 2007 ::

Making History on the Road to the World Alliance of Migrants :: June 2007 ::

Migration, the Media, and Responsibility in Chile
:: Ricardo Jiménez :: February 2007 ::

Experience Reports on Migrants :: March 2002 ::

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