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Platform for a Responsible and United World

If our societies maintain their present ways of life and forms of development much longer, humankind is bound for self-destruction. We reject this prospect.

To prevent it, we shall have to make a radical change in our thinking patterns as well as in our life styles. Our individual actions and determination will be of no avail, however, unless they converge with those of millions and billions of others. Such convergence requires us to agree on the essentials: the diagnosis, the values and principles to act upon, the priorities, and the strat-egy. We, the undersigned, call this the Platform for a Responsible and United World. This Platform is to be the foundation on which we shall build the future together.

Our world is both one and infinitely diverse. Our strategy for survival and self-fulfillment will have to respect both the oneness, in which we are joined together, and the diversity, which is our wealth. Both of these courses are expressed in the Platform. While the priorities vary from country to country and from continent to continent, these variations do not rule out an agreement on the essential.

- Elements of Diagnosis
Our world today is a paradox of basic needs unsatisfied, resources squandered and destroyed, and an untapped potential for work and creativity. This is unacceptable. We are suffering from three major disparities: planetwide, between the North and the South; within each society between the rich and the poor; and globally between human beings and nature. These three disparities are the (...)

- Common Principles for a Responsible and United World
We contend that we are not facing an inescapable situation and that the gravity of the threats or the complexity of the challenges before us should give rise to determination, not renunciation. Populations and human societies are endowed with the capacity to project their future and they possess quantities of principles to guide their choices and decisions. The following few principles, (...)

- Strategy Guidelines
1. The Need for a Global Strategy Many positive reactions have emerged to the three crises humankind is facing. They range from specific exemplary actions in villages, towns, and cities to the recent international conventions, from the charters or environmental audits drawn up or conducted by certain firms to the energy policies decided upon in certain countries, and from consumer awareness (...)



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