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Organization of the Alliance


Since 1994, hundreds of organizations and citizens in more than 130 countries, aware of the dead-end nature of the present development model, have been networking with the common determination to oppose the trend to reduce the world to a marketable commodity and to build "another globalization." They reflect the sociocultural diversity of the world: farmers, urban inhabitants, researchers, committed citizens, persons involved in nonprofit organizations, scientists, professional organizations, players in an economy of solidarity, environmentalists, unionists, company leaders, the unemployed, elected officials, intellectuals, artists, young people, etc.

This attempt to lay the foundations for a citizens’ movement on a global scale has been called the "Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World." The Alliance does not designate an institution, but rather an international, long-term networking process organized with the determination to work jointly to find answers to the challenges identified as essential for the future of the planet: the disastrous impact of human activity on the biosphere, the world’s social Apartheid, the illusion of limitless material growth, technology with irreversible effects, and the increasing interdependence of societies.

The dynamics of this process, which permits unity through diversity, is therefore designed to draw up alternatives in specific fields (such as agriculture, the environment, international trade, etc.). Consequently, more than thirty "Proposal Files" were published in 2001 in several languages and in different countries, in order to materialize this determination to recast our societies on a common ethical stand: social responsibility, respect of diversity, and solidarity. A "Charter of Human Responsibilities" reflecting the community of these convictions, was also drawn up.

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This three-language Lexicon (English, Spanish, French) of Alliance terminology is in continuous development. It aims in particular to harmonize terms originally coined in French with translations that are immediately understandable to English and Spanish speakers. Everyone is welcome to participate in this process. The Lexicon in its current state is (...)



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