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Regional Web Sites (67 referenced Web Sites)

These Web sites reflect the diversity of places and cultures. They aim to gather the people of a town, region, country, or continent on the basis of the realities and challenges specific to their society.
> See the Geocultural Groups of the Alliance here.

Socioprofessional Web Sites (38 referenced Web Sites)

These Web sites are those of socioprofessional groups of actors who are working together to generate dialog and mobilization within a profession or a given context (farmers, scientists, academics, publishers, citizens’ organizations, etc.). They are a reflection of the diversity of social and professional spheres, of their concerns, and of their responsibilities to society and to the challenges of the present world.
> See the Socioprofessional Networks of the Alliance here.

Thematic Web Sites (144 referenced Web Sites)

These theme-based Web sites are working on the main issues related to our common future (the sustainable management of water and soil, a socioeconomy of solidarity, governance, peace building, etc.). They reflect the diversity of the challenges that humankind is facing and offer alternative proposals.
> See the Thematic Workshops of the Alliance here.

Web Sites on Tools and Methods (18 referenced Web Sites)

Building citizenship on a world scale involves finding ways to articulate the very diverse networks and alliances working for the short and long term. The point is to combine their independence with a consistency of the whole: on the one hand, the specific approaches, themes, and working pace of the different networks, on the other, an articulation and sharing of the knowledge, experiences, and strategies of these different alliances. For this to be successful, it is important to adopt clear and shared working methods, and to encourage exchanges and good communication.

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