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Active Forums in English


The Alliance forum is an open forum for all Allies as well as non Allies wishing to circulate information that may be of interest to all or to start up informal discussions among persons pursuing similar objectives. It accepts messages in any language and is neither moderated nor translated. Anyone can sign up. Feel free and welcome to do so!


This forum is open to define and harmonize Alliance terminology in French, English, and Spanish in agreement with what Allies around the world deem to be the best way to express the concepts such that they are immediately comprehensible in each language. It is open to anyone interested in language issues, whatever language they speak. Please sign up!


This forum is open for an international work group facilitating the dissemination and promotion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities. Dissemination and promotion of this text both at the international level and at local levels, in all social and professional circles is intended as a pretext (and a pre-text) for a debate on responsibility leading to ownership of its content in specific contexts. If you would like to join us for this work, sign up here.


This mailing list is designed exclusively to provide brief information on the activities of Alliance 21 in three languages: English, French and Spanish. Its postings are occasional, determined by the needs of Alliance 21 activities.

All Alliance forums still open

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