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Yolanda Ziaka

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My name is Yolanda Ziaka. I am Greek, economist by training, specialized in Environmental Education. I live in the island of Syros in Greece, where I work in the public administration, as coordinator of European projects and international relations of the Region of the Aegean of the South.
Between 1994 and 2001, I facilitated the Workshop on Environmental Education of the Alliance. The main activity of the Workshop was support to educators involved in Environmental Education: the networking, experience sharing, participation in tangible projects. We published, during 8 years, the newsletter "Dialogues for environmental education ", which was circulated to people and organizations in about 60 countries. We also published three collective works, and the last one was published in five languages. In the framework of this Workshop, I have coordinated, in 2003, the elaboration of a Charter for Environmental Education, defining the basic principles of this educational question, aiming at an "Education for a responsible citizenship".
I am currently part of the International Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, as coordinator for Europe.
The main objectives of this work are:
- the identification of persons, organizations, movements, socio-professional groups, in Europe, that have started a reflection and an action around the notion of responsibility; - the development of collaborations with persons / identified groups, the diffusion and valorization of their work, their association to our project; - the introduction of the reflection on responsibility (personal and collective) and the Charter as a work tool, in the various socio-professional sectors; - the development of synergies with the work of the other members of the Facilitation Committee, at an international level.


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