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Web Site: Fireflies

Siddhartha lives in Bangalore, in the south of India. He is a writer and journalist. He coordinated the Alliance Network of Journalists and he publishes the Asia-Pacific Journal of the Alliance called Butterfly Futures. He is also director of Pipal Tree, an NGO concerned with media, alternative agriculture, water issues and inter-religious conflict resolution. Siddharta founded the international eco-spiritual ashram called "Fireflies" located outside the city of Bangalore, India.


Has published on this Web site ...

- For an Alternative in the Media: The Building of a Global Network of Journalists - January 2009

- Cultures, Religions, Citizenship and the World Parliament process - December 2003

- Aloha! Anti-nuclear activism with flowers - June 2001

- My History of the Alliance (Asia-Pacific) - May 2001

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