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Nova, Centre per a la Innovació Social (NOVACIS)

Web Site: Nova, Centre per a la Innovació Social (NOVACIS)

Nova promotes social innovation with bottom-up participation and cross-cultural dialog to help to generate alternative socioeconomic models to globalization, a culture based on peace and a more sustainable society. It collaborates with organizations and institutions interested in starting projects that promote social innovation, and provides participative tools and services that allow citizens to become actively involved in these processes, including dialog among cultures wherever possible.


Has published on this Web site ...

- Solemn Oath to Bind Scientists to Society - August 2009

- The International Water Court: Towards Universal Access to a Limited Resource - March 2009

- International Court of Arbitration to Decide on Legitimacy of the South’s Foreign Debt - March 2009

- Citizens retrieve their cities - July 2008

- Opening session of an innovative World Parliament - July 2008

- Argentina Approves a New Education Project to Transform Society - February 2008

- Ethical consumption is putting the capitalist production model and way of life in crisis - September 2007

- The Caravan of Art ends its world tour in Brazil - June 2007

- The Rio+15 Summit poses challenge of integral sustainable development in the next 30 years - April 2007

- Living Material Is Declared World Heritage - February 2007

- More than 300 million people are benefiting from moneyless markets - January 2007

- The majority of countries are developing public nutrition programmes - September 2006

- Denmark to implement a sustainable industrial system - June 2006

- International moratorium on transgenic agriculture - April 2006

- A social pact recovers the soil in Azerbaijan - March 2006

- The Technology Consultancy Group will make sure that technological advances make a real contribution to development - October 2005

- Private enterprise becomes a true asset to society - May 2005

- Beijing+10 celebrates women’s power to transform the predominant economy - March 2005

- The Universal Forum of Cultures considers immigration as a source of social enrichment - August 2004

- Living Material Is Declared World Heritage - June 2004

- A Committee of Experts, together with civil society, will carry out an audit on the impact of the WTO - January 2004

- WORLD SUMMIT ON THE INFORMATION SOCIETY: United Nations Declares ICT a Good of Public Interest - December 2003

- Austral forests to be an international protected area - November 2003

- Growth and Sustainable Development - May 2001

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