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Many Ideas ... Much Emotion in the First Debate on the Future of the Alliance

From April to October 2005 and on an initiative of the FPH, which was both the initiator of the Alliance and its practically sole financial backer for ten years, Allies, their friends, and their partners were asked to look at the possibility of instituting a Charter for the Alliance. At the end of this consultation, the FPH judged, in light of the low participation in the consultation, that interest in the future of the Alliance was not high enough to warrant its continuing to back the Alliance financially as much as it had done up to that point. The Alliance now needs to find other financial resources for its continuation. At this time, it may be very interesting to browse through the very first e-debate among Allies on the Past and Future of the Alliance.

This debate took place between February 2002 and June 2003 on the equipo forum, and its content is a source of inspiration and food for thought.

Martí Olivella, who facilitated the forum, introduced it on February 28, 2002, with the following words:

"Two years after the Assembly of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United world, and with the recent World Citizens Assembly held in Lille,
we have completed the first stage of the Alliance, as defined in the Platform
since 1993."

His opening message ended with "From April to June, depending on the contributions that we receive, we will
either go deeper into some of the issues from the past, or we will start
another round on what we expect, hope, and believe that the Alliance should
be in the future."

The debate on this desired future went on for another year. Many constructive ideas and much emotion were expressed during this e-debate.

The results of the forum were then organized into Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects, which are still at everyone’s disposal to read.


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