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1997: Other Documents Related to the Meetings

The seven simultaneous meetings—Bertioga-São Paulo (Brazil), Bangalore (India), Barcelona (Spain), Kigali (Rwanda), Roubaix (France), and Algiers (Algeria) and a sixth one that was spontaneously self-organized in Finland—gave birth to a number of workgroups. Following are some of their reports, rooted in the 1997 meetings.


Gustavo Marin
Director of the Forum for a New World (...)
+ 26 article(s)

Pierre Calame
Chairman, Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for (...)
+ 27 article(s)

Cécile Sabourin
Cécile Sabourin is Teacher in the University (...)
+ 2 article(s)

Maurice Cosandey
Switzerland. Honorary Professor. Engineer of (...)
+ 1 article(s)

Morgane Iserte
+ 3 article(s)

Ricardo Gómez
Expert in Communication.
+ 5 article(s)

Véronique Rioufol
FPH : Fondation Charles Léopold Meyer pour le (...)
+ 6 article(s)

Philippe Guirlet
Editeur de Caravane, lettre de liaison de (...)
+ 1 article(s)


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Go !1997: History of the Alliance’s International Assembly and Continental Assemblies - by Gustavo Marin, Manola Gardez
Go !First Meeting of the International Facilitation Team of the Alliance: 1999 - by Gustavo Marin, Marti Olivella, Nacéra Aknak Khan
Go !March 2001 - China and India: First Steps to a Newly Opened Dialog - by Gustavo Marin
Go !June 2001: Continental Meetings of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World - by Gustavo Marin, Marti Olivella
Go !December 2001 - The World Citizens Assembly: Challenges, Changes, Results - by Pierre Calame
Go !Allies around the World (April 2003) - by Gustavo Marin


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