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Our Common Wealth

Welcome once again to the Alliance 21 Home Page!

Consider this as your place to come to, and to go from. A place to be made up of your contributions and provide you in turn with a rich overview of news from the scores of Web sites connected to it. A star in the constellation of connected movements.

This Web site is designed to provide a huge wealth of contacts and news

The Home Page displays the two latest Alliance 21 articles, a series of upcoming events in the right-hand column—such as the ambitious three-month march around the world for peace, which is to begin next October in New Zealand—and on the left, what is to be the very last Alliance 21 dossier. Starting this next summer 2009, this type of dossier will be offered in a new gateway for "citizen initiatives."

More on this new portal soon. When it is up, this, your own Web site, will be concentrating on three features: What’s New?, Workgroups, and Interesting Web Sites.

What’s New? Is the 2009 World Social Forum still news?

Our unqualified answer is "yes"! The World Social Forum (WSF) is not just a yearly January gathering. It is an event that marks an ongoing process, an opportunity for citizens from around the world to meet, and to fine tune their ideas and action plans for their improved implementation. It is given very little mainstream media attention, so we are adding our contribution to the widespread Internet effort to report on it. This year, we are fortunate to have a vivid, first-hand account of the WSF and have posted two key WSF declarations, one on finance—which as a result of WSF debates, presents a series of proposals/demands to make the global financial system work for our common interest—and the other on climate justice—which sets out plans through to December 2009.

What’s New? is also, and above all, your own news!

This Web site has an average of 800 visits a day, and had 130,067 distinct visitors in the past year from every country in the world except Surinam, Western Sahara, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Burma, and North Korea. Seriously! And these are your potential readers! Read here to find out what kind of articles you can contribute. For this update, for instance, Camilla Burg, from the relatively new WiserEarth project, has a proposal for future synergies among movements in general, and with the Alliance in particular.

… and finally, Desirable News

Desirable News was designed in 2003 to imagine the implementation of the Alliance Proposal Papers, and to keep our eyes on the horizon as we go. Each article is set in a pastiche of an existing printed-news media. Although most of this news may still seem out of immediate reach, progress has actually been made in some of these areas since 2003. For instance, "The Caravan of Art ends its world tour in Brazil," desirable news published in June 2007, has found its realization, among others, in the traveling art show of the Charter of Human Responsibilities workgroup, a show that began its world tour in 2007 and is still on the road. Other areas are lagging dangerously behind these eminently desirable goals, but where there’s desire, there’s a will, and where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Alliance Workgroups and Interesting Web Sites

Here is where you have access to a concentrate of numerous, relevant, current news, from where you can jump into your particular field of interest or action, and see it as part of a chorus of related fields.

The Home Page randomly displays a recent article from a workgroup, and you will find much more workgroup-related news in the right-hand column of the corresponding section and its subsections. It also has a recent article randomly selected from one of the 143 Interesting Web Sites that have an RSS feed and are reported on the Alliance Web site, and 60 more of these at the bottom of the corresponding section.

Workgroups and Interesting Web Sites will be the subject of our next editorial. Meanwhile, enjoy our common wealth…


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