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One of the WSF 2008 Actions: A Mega Play in São Paulo, Brazil

In São Paulo, Brazil, the fight for social transformation will take to the streets on the Global Day for Action, January 26, with a huge play staged in the city center.

On the menu: creativity and good mood spiced with dream and hope. Hundreds of cultural actors, militants of social and people’s movements will convert the center of São Paulo into a stage. Starting at noon, four "clans" will gather for a confrontation based on Shakespeare’s King Lear and staged by several well-known Brazilian directors.

Actors are asked to pick their "clan"

THE EMPIRE: Wear white clothes and meet in front of City Hall.
The decrepit and tired king wants to pass his power on to his eldest daughter, provoking anger among other clans. The king and his clan, wearing white, will represent the empire, mercantilization, inhumanity and barbarism: Bush, Davos, the G-8, multinational corporations and other "demons."

THE RED CLAN: Wear red clothes and meet on rua Direita, close to the Praça do Patriarca.
The red clan demands land reform, defends family farming, Latin-American integration, energy sovereignty and that of the Guarani.

THE BLUE CLAN: Wear blue Clothes and meet on rua Libero Badaró, near the avenida São João.
In the blue clan, what is being defended is jobs, public services, social laws, workers, greater taxation of banks, and education reform.

THE YELLOW CLAN: Wear yellow clothes and meet in front of the Municipal Theater.
The yellow clan is fighting for homes, urban reform, the rights of women and blacks, against violence and every form of discrimination, and an affirmative policy of inclusion.

Peace, sovereignty, development, and social justice

This coming January 26, millions of men and women will join forces in the whole planet against neoliberalism, war, colonialism, racism, and machismo, which generate violence, exploitation, exclusion, poverty, hunger, environmental disaster, and the denial of Human Rights. More than ever, we are convinced that the construction of a new world is not just possible, it is necessary to guarantee the preservation of the planet and the very existence of the human race.

Latin American integration

In recent times, we have seen the USA and national oligarchies attack people’s initiatives in Latin America, especially in Bolivia and in Venezuela. They are attempting to impose an integration based on the interests of big capital, and seriously threatening the sovereignty of those countries. Latin American integration should be based on the interests of our peoples, where the state plays its role in development with social justice. The Day of Global Action is a date for solidarity with the movements of those countries, joining to break with the policies of devastation, privatization, and pillage of our wealth!

Fighting for a new Brazil!

From the north to the south, we have raised the flag to democratize the state and to guarantee a better life for the population. We have defended reforms to stimulate national production and to combat speculation and the power of multinational corporations, to value work, to maintain rights and conquer new ones; to give access to homes, dignified transportation, health, and basic sanitation; to help the older population and give the young perspectives; to invest in the training and qualification of the new generations. We have combated all forms of oppression and prejudice. We have struggled for the democratization of the media, against the manipulation of information for private interests. We have acted in the defense of the sovereignty of Brazil. We will take to the streets on January 26, in Brazil and all over the world, to demonstrate our commitment to humanity and our trust in the new times that, with our struggle, will come!

Photos by Tatiana Cardeal


Isis de Palma
Coordinator of the Regional facilitation (...)
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