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Networks in Motion

September 2007

In keeping with the new Alliance spirit, which emphasizes decentralization and autonomy, or unity in diversity, this month’s A21 newsletter gives much greater importance to news coming from our networks. Active allied workgroups, whether socioprofessional networks, thematic workgroups or geocultural workgroups, are… busy, busy, busy ! Busy acting, busy circulating useful information, busy sharing their experiences… and our purpose is to help in their networking and to reflect the world’s increasingly stronger interdependences that will also help us to take that radical turn that will put humankind and the planet on a new, life-oriented course.

In other words, the Alliance aims at being one of the reflections of the Big Picture of hope and determination.

The International Alliance of Inhabitants gives us its take on the U.S. mortgage crisis, the World Forum of Fishermen and Fishworkers tells a tale of Cuban solidarity in Venezuela, Environmental Justice, Ecological Debt, and Sustainability broaches the critical subject of water privatization while Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms reports on the innovation capacities of Burundi farmers in opposition to the dogma that demographic growth is incompatible with a sustainable intensification of the use of natural resources. On the geocultural front, the Group of Bangalore informs on how a Columbian village, part of the Global Ecovillage Network, is making a stand in its war-torn country, and the Catalan Group is recruiting young people to gather, systematize and circulate the experiences, actions, proposals, projects, and models that can favor innovative social transformations.

Wind energy, the social responsibility of journalists and the China-India Youth Festival are the subjects of our brief new items, while the spotlight is trained on two of the many activities of the Charter of Human Responsibilities team: a youth festival in the Philippines and a most amazing world-traveling art show on the topic of environmental responsibility. If nothing else, take a look at the beautiful art work we’ve reproduced in our article !

Finally, news "fed" from the Web sites reported on the Alliance Web site include the plight of migrant workers in Canada and the potential power of Latino voters in the next U.S. presidential elections of 2008.


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