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Integrated Territorial Management

Integrated Territorial Management

The Territory: Cornerstone of Future Governance


Pierre Calame
Chairman, Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for (...)
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Integrated Territorial Management

-Micro-Macro Group: Report and Experience Reports
-Formations, Territories, and Governance: The Challenges of Networks and of an International Experience Bank
-Territorial Integrated Management and Local Development: Some Approaches
-The Future of the Big Territorial Entities
-Territories and Sustainable Development, Adaptation or Change of Paradigm ? Consequences for the Local Institutions
-Territory: between the high, the low, the short, the long, the fast, the slow, the internal and the external; the ideal level for essential conciliations.
-Sustainable Development and Local Governance in the Countries of the South: A Challenge for the Millennium
-Development: Rise and Decline of an Ideal
-What is Development?
-Newsletter N°6
-e-Forum Territories Summaries
-Proposal Paper
-Experience Reports
-Participants and Interested Persons

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