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International Alliance of Inhabitants

International Alliance of Inhabitants

The three feet of the pot (fascicle)


Françoise Feugas
Administrator of the DPH data base, Chairwoman of
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Karine Goasmat
Exemole, France
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Pierre Calame
Chairman, Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for (...)
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Teolinda Bolívar
Central University of Venezuela, Faculty of (...)
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International Alliance of Inhabitants

-The African Charter of Partnership between the inhabitants and the local authorities
-Utilising Foreign Investment for Renovation of the Shack Area in Shanghai
-Millions Residents Relocation
-Housing Development Scheme, Khuda Ki Basti, Pakistan
-The Million Houses Programme in Sri Lanka
-Proposals Paper (Inhabitants Organizations)
-Proposal Paper (Urban Violence).
-Experience Reports
-Participants and Interested Persons
-Forum (closed).

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