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We’re Here for You
January 2008

by Marina Urquidi -

The fantastic thing about the Internet is the way information gets around. The fantastic thing about information getting around, is that it makes people realize that somehow, they are not alone in their struggle. That every day, more people from every walk of life (and this is important), in every region of the world, are becoming increasingly aware that the time for change is now. And that the time to act for change in whatever way you can, is now.

No single group or individual, no single movement, however large, will make that change happen. Some are spreading the awareness that everyone – top business leaders, of course, leading politicians, of course, but ordinary citizens too – has a measure of responsibility and can act upon it. Others are fighting to make their governments free political prisoners. Others still are pressing mainstream journalists to use their disproportionate power over people’s mindsets for the purpose of the common good, not just to make people consume without thinking and to make things easier for their powerful friends and shareholders. And so on!

It is in this context that the Web site of the Alliance for Responsible, Plural and United World has its modest contribution to make, in that its driving idea is to give your activities a broader public and, whenever possible, to help you to connect with one another to give your activities a broader scope.

For the present update, we decided to highlight this year’s World Social Forum’s Global Call for Action, having noted as we passed that mainstream media is ignoring this fundamental process. We also selected an interesting analysis on the talks on global climate change, and you have our Web site’s pick of articles fed into it from other Web sites, so read on!

Looking forward to your news!

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PUBLICATION DATE: 25 January 2008