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Alive and Kicking!
August 2007

by Marina Urquidi -

It’s been a long time ... almost two years, now, since we’ve sent out a proper "What’s New?"! And how nice to be able to do so!

What has happened in this time lapse? Well, among others, the FPH designed a new 10-year strategy whereby it would be shifting its substantial support of the Alliance as such to the emergence of a world community and proposed that the Alliance should adopt a Constituent Charter. The Charter was adopted and the Alliance began its
metamorphosis to become a crossroads for emerging civil-society groups to network for experience sharing, shared thinking, and joint action. An alliance of citizen alliances, so to speak. In the midst of all this, Philippe Amouroux, who was in charge of the Alliance Communication Team, suddenly and sadly passed away. And said Communication Team began its own metamorphosis to become an independent provider of Internet-based
tools and methods to service citizen alliances and help them to connect. Open the windows and take a deep breath: a whole new horizon is out there for us now and we can join our efforts at any given desired level!

A quick review of Alliance history after the 2001 World Citizens Assembly in Lille (France), shows that the Alliance has been far from inactive!

Otherwise, you can browse through the articles published in 2005, when the Charter of Human Responsibilities, now a very active full-scale worldwide project, was taking its first steps into the world. The Traversées travelers were in Benin, on the first leg of their four-year trip around the globe to build global citizenship, global governance was high on the agenda, and the future of the Alliance was shaping up. Then check the highlights of 2006: a good year for decentralization - of the Alliance, of the World Social Forum - and for local action. It is not hard to see, from the news of the first four months of 2007, that actions are taking all forms and shapes in every corner of the world, and that anywhere you are, you can act while being connected to the greater scheme of things. Finally, the latest news, tells a story of increased worldwide connection
for your local action! For this reason, the spotlight is on migrants, who are moving across
borders and transforming their tribulations into the makings of our future world.

URL : www.alliance21.org/2003/article3165.html
PUBLICATION DATE: 18 August 2007