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Germà Pelayo

Web Site: Respolis

Independent Consultant and Researcher in Politics and Participative Issues. Currently (2007) international promoter of the Platform for Responsibility in Politics (RESPOLIS) and coordinator of the emergent Public Policies Monitoring Group for a Responsible and United World (GSPP), among other activities.


Has published on this Web site ...

- The "Politicians: Job Done or You’re Gone! " Campaign Experimented in Catalonia - July 2007

- Discussion in Porto Alegre on a New Structure for the Alliance - February 2005

- Results of the Forum on the World Parliament. - July 2004

- X. Second Stage (May - October 2003) and Follow-up to the Project - June 2004

- VI. Summary 3 - June 2004

- II. Introduction - June 2004

- Cancún: Blocking the Neoliberal Plan and a New Opportunity to Advance Alternatives - October 2003

- A Call to participate in the electronic forum on a World Parliament for the 21st century - October 2002

- A World Parliament for Social Justice, Disarmament and Peace. - May 2002

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