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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

WSIS 2002 Bamako Declaration

Bamako Declaration, on the Africa Regional Meeting Preparatory to the World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva 2003), held in Bamako, 2002

The following 14 preconference workshops and other activities were organised on 25, 26 and 27 May 2002:

- Local initiatives
- NICI strategies,
- African languages and internet
- Media and ICT forum
- Gender and ICTs
- Cultural diversity and knowledge ownership
- African NGO consultation
- Review and appraisal of ICT impact: Scan-ICT Project
- Private sector forum
- Free software: the stakes for Africa
- Law and the Web
- Local communities and ICTs
- Training of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) for their participation in WSIS activities
- The National strategy of Mali

The Africa Regional Conference organised 4 workshops and a round table, namely:

- What the Information Society brings to Africa;
- What Africa brings to the Information Society;
- What Africa wants to preserve in the Information Society;
- How Africa can benefit from the Information Society: Round Table on the digital divide;
- Round Table on Africa’s image in the media.



-Information society, knowledge society: benefiting from change
-Experience Reports of the New Information and Communication Technology Workshop

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