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Local Autorities

Local Autorities

Local authorities Charter for a responsible and united world

The November and December first project proceedings. The local authorities Charter is a synthesis that allies the main preocupations of the college with the efforts and actions from the Alliance

The text presents in five points the affirmation of some fundamental principles to guide the work of local authorities and a draft of a few perspectives where the reflection must be located. The charter hears, in the local-world society construction: to affirm the principle of the unit in the diversity, to show the necessity of a solidarity and a just tolerance, l construction of responsibilities that reinforces the plural measurements of the citizenship, the promotion of an alternative human development, the preoccupation for the conservation useful of the past for the construction of the future .

Local Autorities

-The local government impact on the international stage
-The Future of the Big Territorial Entities
-Territories and Sustainable Development, Adaptation or Change of Paradigm ? Consequences for the Local Institutions
-Local governance in rural areas of India
-Proposal Paper
-Experience Reports
-Participants and Interested Persons.
-Forum (closed)

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