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World Forum of Fishermen and Fishworkers

World Forum of Fishermen and Fishworkers

Meeting in Quebec of the World Forum of the fishermen and fishing workers.

The world Forum of the fishermen and fishing workers, representing the coastal fishermen of the Latin America, Europe and North America, held a meeting on the 18th to 21st of April 2001 in Quebec, Canada. This meeting lies within the context of the Summit of the People of Americas organized to make counterweight to the Summit of Americas which brought together, at the same time, in the same city, the American leaders (except for Cuba) in order to continue the negotiations for a free trade area of Americas.

The meeting in Quebec of the World Forum of the fishermen and fishing workers clarified the situation of the few 30 million independent fishermen facing the 25.000 industrial boats of the international fleet. To ensure the protection of the halieutic resource, the priority access to this resource must be ensured for the independent professional fishermen, and their professional organizations must take part, at all levels of decision, to the management of fishings like with the development of the fishing policies.
The privatization of the halieutic resource by the means of the installation of Transferable Individual Quotas to the profits of the large industrial flotillas is the new idea to give fish to the large companies. That means that the resource could be sold or rented on an international market without borders and that the communities which live from fishing and the small independent fishermen would be threatened of disappearance. The members of the world Forum consider that this mode of management must be completely eliminated.
The Forum also recommended for Latin America the installation of exclusive coastal zones for the artisanal fishermen; governments having to adapt the legislations to guarantee the application of it.
Through their action, the coastal fishermen want to guarantee that the sea will always provide healthy products and of great quality.


Juliette Decoster
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World Forum of Fishermen and Fishworkers

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