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 Journalists came from the five different continents to cover the World Citizens Assembly that was held in Lille, in the north of France, on December 2 to 10, 2001.
Some of them participated in workshops, the "Journalists" Socioprofessional Network in particular, while others came especially for their media and "navigated" through the different meeting places in search of interviews or subjects. Mainly from the printed press, the foreign journalists also included a radio journalist, whose broadcasts have been transcribed and included in the following compilation of articles.
The other media - television, photo reportages, radio, etc. - were essentially from France.
Finally, one group of journalists set up a team that was in charge of covering the event on a daily basis and every evening they sent their contribution to the "Mediacenter." Their chronicles (and other types of articles) were translated so they could be on line in three languages by the next day.


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