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Issue 6 of Caravan was prepared from North AMerica, with the collaboration of New-Yorker artist Alexandra Leff, who reminded us that New-York is a cosmopolitan city, in which coexistence operates on a daily basis, through a sort of complicated alchemy.

"If our societies maintain their present ways of life and forms of development much longer, humankind is bound for self-destruction. We reject this prospect."
Platform for a Responsible and United World

After the tragic bombings of September 11th in NewYork, this text written in 1993 seems more present than ever. Yet these bombings shouldn't make us forget that our world is a world where every day children and adults die of hunger or curable diseases, innocent populations are victims of fanaticisms and conflicts of all kind, where gaps of wealth challenge the human entendement. These events are not the attack of a civilization against another one. Today, wether one wants it or not, the destinies of our societies are inextricably bound together. "Our world is both one and infinitely diverse".

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Cover and summary of Caravan 6
The artist's portrait
The last issue of Caravane (8) contains a dossier on the culture of peace.

We would like to encourage you, who play a key role in the working groups and in the general dynamics of the Alliance, to launch a debate within your networks on the ways these tragic events challenge, illustrate, the issues and problematics they have been discussed already. This can be done in particular within the electronic forums of the thematic workshops, colleges and geocultural groups.
General commentaries can be sent to the subscribed allies through the general list.

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A specific forum on the "construction of peace and a new world governance" will be opened shortly, facilitated by the Peace Studies in Grenoble (France).

Around June 24, 2001, during the Continental Meetings of the Alliance, about 60,000 people in 14 different countries beat their drums in the streets of more than forty towns and cities. Drums for Peace. Now as drums for war are beating this network summons all those who want to participate to resound Drums for Peace from September 19th to 30th.

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