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International Facilitation Team
March 19-24, Bangalore, India

Global Governance
June 13-15, Villarceaux, France

Launch of the African Caravan
June 26-30, Cape Town, South Africa

June 28-30, Paris, France

Congress for Human Coexistence
July 23–27, Montreal, Canada

August 26-29, Prague, Czech Republic

Alliance in America
September 18-22, São Paulo, Brazil

Inhabitants' Organizations
October 2-6, Mexico, Mexico

October 2-6, Loctudy, France

Southern Africa
October 5-7, Maputo, Mozambique

Women and Economy
October 9-10, Paris, France

October 19-28, Sydney, Australia

October 23-26, Alexandria, Egypt

October 30-November 4, Syros, Greece

Information and Communication Technologies
November 2-4, Barcelona, Spain

Organization of Continental Meetings and African Caravan
November 20-25, Dakar, Senegal

Local Authorities
November 30-December 1, Paris, France

Journalists / Media
December 7-10, Bangalore, India
World Forum Social
January 25-30, Porto Alegre, Brazil

With the participation of the following workshops:
- Biodiversity and GMO
- Citizenship and Political Renewal
- International Commerce and WTO
- Debt
- Intercultural Dialogue
- Water
- Economy in Solidarity
- Education
- Ethical Consumption
- Forests
- Local Authorities
- Redistribution and Social Welfare
- Training of social leaders
- São Paulo Group
- Soils
- Social Currency
- Land and Agrarian Reforms
- Food Security
- Youth
- Women

and contributions on the themes:
- Peace in Colombia
- Dialogue in the Middle-East
Andean America
February 21-24, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Dialogue China-India
March 2-17

Fair Trade
March 15-18, Lima, Peru

International Trade and WTO
March 22-24, Geneva, Switzerland

Sustainable Development
March 22-25, Barcelona, Spain

Economy in Solidarity
March 26-27, Paris, France

Towards Sustainable Finance
March 30-31, Geneva, Switzerland

April 1-4, Tutzing, Germany

Finance in solidarity
April 2-3, Paris, France

Industrial Ecology
April 3-6, Manilla, Philippines

April 6-7, Lisbon, Portugal

Women and Economy
April 9-11, La Havana, Cuba

North America
April 11-13, Montreal, Canada

Quebec 2001
April 17-21, Quebec, Canada

during Quebec 2001, April 17-21, Quebec, Canada

Trade Unions
during Quebec 2001, April 17-21, Québec, Canada

Social Money
April 18-20, Santiago, Chile

Companies and solidarity
April 19-20, Paris, France

April 20-22, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fiscal Policy, Redistribution and Social Welfare
April 27-29, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Work, Employment, Activity
April 27-30, Florianopolis, Brazil
Art / Artists
April 30-May 3, São Paulo, Brazil

Local Authorities
during the World Assembly of Cities
May 2-6, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Production and Investment
May 5-6, Bangalore, India

Southern America
May 7-11, Ypacaraí, Paraguay

Economic policies, ideologies and geocultural dimension
May 12-13, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Integrated Territorial Management
May 17-19, Namur, Belgium

Family Farming, Food and Globalisation Axis
May 23-28, Valencia, Spain
Continental Meetings

Asian Youth Assembly
June 3-10, New Delhi and Raison, India

June 9-12, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Workgroup on a Socio-Economy of Solidarity
June 9-16, Forres, Scotland

Education/ Teachers
June 12-14, Buenos Aires, Argentina

European meeting
June 17-21, Peles, Romania

American meeting
June 18-22, Quito, Equator

Asia-Pacific meeting
June 19-22, Bangalore, India

African meeting
June 20-26, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Meeting of the Middle East
June 21-24, Beirut and Khyam, Lebanon

Environmental Education
June 23-29, Syros, Greece
July 7-10, Paris, France

People excluded and in precarious situation
July 30, Wittenheim, France

Inter-religious: relation humankind-animal
Klingenthal, France
August 20-25, Geneva, Switzerland

Women / Yin-Yang
August 4-10, Vendome, France

In preparation of the World Forum on Food Sovereignty
August 30-31, La Havana, Cuba

In preparation of the World Forum on Food Sovereignty
August 31-September 2, La Havana, Cuba
World Forum on Food Sovereignty
September 3-7, La Havana, Cuba

With the participation o
the following workshops:
- Agriculture and Sustainable Development
- Biodiversity and GMO
- Farmers
- Fishworkers
- Food Security
- International Trade and WTO
- Nutrition and Public Policy

The Military-Peacemakers
September 14-15, Grenoble, France

Science/ Scientists
September 20-23, Switzerland

Business leaders and executives
September 25-26, Paris, France

Health and Social Workers
October 1-6, La Havana, Cuba

Farmers facing the challenges of the 21st Century
October 5-10, Cotonou, Benin

October 25-30, Brasilia, Brazil
November 16-17, Brussels, Belgium

November 16-18, Santiago, Chile

World Assembly
December 2-11, Lille, France
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