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A system has been set up to ensure communication between the 5 Continental Meetings in June 2001, and the diffusion of information to the allies and to other people and entities, including the media.

Each meeting will have :

- a content editor responsible for sending a daily report of the continental meeting and other types of messages.
- a technical editor responsible of technical aspects necessary for a good working of computers and a good connection to the Internet, as well as for sending pictures of the meeting.
- a responsible for media in charge of informing and inviting journalists, follow-up media coverage of the meeting, etc.
- messengers from others continents responsible for writing a daily brief text to send to their continents.

The information will be released through a system of electronic lists. All the allies and interested persons can subscribe to the lists of their choice.

You can already subscribe to :

- The list corresponding to the language which you understand best to have a general vision of all meetings.
- One or several continental lists to receive a daily chronicle and the point of view of the messengers from this continent on the other meetings.
- The "images" list if you want to receive pictures by email.
- The discussion list if you want to give your point of view on one or several meetings and/or know the point of view of other people.

How to subscribe?
Go to list info page
Click on the list of your choice, then on "Subscribe".
If asked, type your email address and click on "submit".
Ready ? Go !

Or ask Marina Urquidi to subscribe you :

The Continental Meetings Web page will display daily in three languages (French, English, Spanish) the news sent to the lists, the editorial and the photos of the meetings:

- Lists by language (French)
>> archives (English)
>> archives (Spanish)
>> archives

Content : chronicles of all meetings and daily editorial summarizing the most outstanding aspects of all meetings.

- Lists by continent
>> archives
>> archives
>> archives
>> archives
>> archives

Content : daily chronicle of the continental meeting and messages of its delegates in the other meetings.

Lists for pictures
>> archives

Content : photos and images of all meetings.
These pictures will be send as attachments, one picture per message.

Discussion list
>> archives

This list will allow any person that is not physically present in the meetings to send their comments or contribution remotely. The daily editorial will also be sent to this list.

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