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Borders Will either Fall or They Will Move

Sunny morning and rainy afternoon. A good atmosphere and crisis in some of the groups. Just as in life in general. But also in the European Meeting. A nice evening after dinner. An accordion plays along with percussion drums to songs in Russian, English, Greek, Pole, French, or Catalan. We recognize ourselves in the pictures of the day, projected on a wall together with the video images retelling the history of the Alliance. We speak of what is being prepared in other continents, we are impatient to receive their first pictures and messages.

We are 132 participants from 39 countries of the Old Continent, gathered to express our strong desire for a different Europe. An atmosphere similar to the one in Seattle, Millau, Prague or Porto Alegre… Citizens of all countries, unite your forces and convictions: the participatory democracy is on its way!

Humanity in action and dignity: the new social objective ===================================

We have spent the whole day working in four groups to advance the proposalsthat we shall be discussing together tomorrow. In every room there is a map of Europe showing our countries. The hours go by like minutes. The intensity of our discoveries overwhelms us. The point is not only to enlarge Europe but also to bring about a change, in the East as in the West, by building something more than a just bigger Europe. One thing is for certain: borders will either fall or they will move. The objective of
society is neither employment nor work, it is humanity in action and in dignity. But we still have so many important topics to discuss, such as: How can wealth be redistributed?

Because the meeting is short, we are also testing new methods of communication to express our positions and opinions. Each of us has four cards (a green, a yellow, a red and a black one) to express their position (of agreement, fifty-fifty, of disagreement, not understood) regarding the proposals put to the floor. This is how, on the second day of the meeting, the links are being woven among people of different cultures who wish to build a common destiny.

More tomorrow.

>From Sinaia, Rumania, June 18, 2001 -- European Continental Meeting
Martí Olivella

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