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The Asian Continental Assembly in June 2001 will be articulated through two major initiatives, both occuring in India, but with a continental dimension and participation :

Asian Youth Assembly
June 3-10, 2001 - India
"Youth crossing Boundaries"
Asia-Pacific Assembly
June 19-23, 2001 - India

From June 3 to 10, the Asia Youth Assembly will gather youth activists from more than 20 countries and will be organized through a Continental Caravan and two major meetings, one in Kanpur, the other in Dehli.

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Asian Youth Assembly web site

From June 19 to 23, the Asia-Pacific Assembly will focus on alternatives (within and outside the mainstream) that have to do with deepening democracy and participation, evolving strategies against ecological catastrophe and an appreciation of 'otherness'.

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Alliance Asia-Pacific web site

On June 21st, hundreds of groups throughout the world will go out in streets and places and make the "Drums for Peace" resound. This drumming will be one of the symbolic links between the Dar es Salaam meeting and the other continental meetings of the Alliance to be held in Quito (Ecuador), Peles (Rumania), Bangalore (India) and Beirut (Lebanon).
On June 24th, the Drums for Peace will ring once again in Dar es Salaam, celebrating African peace and solidarity.

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