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Exploring the New Paradigm of Interbeing
by Xavier Paul <>

Dear Friends,

This is a message from the Bangalore meeting, first day. This is truly a marvellous place to have our Alliance meeting in. We are surrounded by mother nature and good clean air, and we meet in buildings that are carefully built to harmonise with the landscape here at Fireflies Ashram. We began on Tuesday evening with a time of singing and mutual introductions. It was wonderful to hear from each participant about their hopes and aspirations, their personal stories and something about the people they represent. What a wonderfully diverse and yet united world we have!

Siddhartha told us about the general direction we would pursue in our deliberations over the next few days. We will be exploring the new paradigm of "interbeing", which emerges from the milieu of our new awareness of the earth and all life forms in it as one interwoven web. We hope to look at all the aspects and nuances of this spirituality in order to serve as an inspirational base for all our future action with regard to issues like globalisation, global governance and ecology.

We greet all fellow participants in other parts of the world with 'Namaskara', which is the Kannada (local language of Bangalore) word for 'Greetings'.

>From the Fireflies Ashram, near Bangalore, India, June 20, 2001 - Asian Continental Meeting
Xavier Paul

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