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This meeting is organized by CEPSI.

The allies of the Americas are since long committed to a dynamic process of reflection, debate and exchange with a view to proposing alternatives for the continent at different levels, within a responsible, plural and solidarity world.

The current stage of this process is called "America 2001 Process" or " The Peoples of America building a common dream". The goal has been to articulate regional meetings from February to June, 2001 and a Continental Meeting to be held from the 19th to the 23rd of June, 2001 in Quito.

Reflection and action will be articulated in a synthesis of what has been done in the different regions of the continent as a starting point for planing the future. The final result of this process will be the Manifesto of the Americas to be delivered at the World Citizens' Meeting organized by the Alliance for December 2001.

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