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Collective Forces of the Americas Set Their Sights on Political Horizons

Close to 64 native indians, union leaders, and members of alternative movements from the whole of the American continent are meeting in a joint effort to build common horizons as an answer to the present models. The Continental Meeting of America is taking place in Quito (Ecuador) from June 19 to June 23, and is organized by the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World.

Members are converging here from continental resistance networks that participed in the Anti-Summit of Quebec (Canada) and those that are planning the March against the Wall in 2003, which is to begin in Belem (Brazil). They are joined by union and native-indian representatives from different regions of the continent. Together, they will state their commitments to the political proposals that will be defined in Quito.

The main themes that will be analyzed and projected during the meeting are: economy, work and society in solidarity; environment and society; state, civil society and democracy; cultural differences, different forms of knowledge, and intercultural processes; and horizons and alliances of the social movements of the Americas.

>From Quito, Ecuador, on June 19, 2001 - Continental Meeting of America
Audrey Dupleich with Juan Jorquera


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