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Forty years after Independence, the African crisis is deep and multiform. Given the current situation, it can afford neither a cosmetic solution, nor a hopeless illusion, nor the idea of going back to the past, nor a blind belief in foreign concepts. The diagnosis is the same from North to South of the continent.
Taking this into account, the objective of the Congress of African Refoundation which will be held from 21st to 26th June in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), is to establish a structural basis for an African Refoundation. The congress is meant to complete a process of discussion and exchange that began one year ago with the African Caravan for Peace and Solidarity.
There will be three stages: assuming the past, evaluating the present without concessions, and inventing concrete proposals and strategies for an African refoundation closely matched to the continental reality and to tomorrow's world.

Issues that will be contemplated :

· Governance
· Economic issues
· Values and society


This African meeting of Dar es Salaam forms part of a series of continental meetings organized by the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. The other events will be held simultaneously in the Americas (Quito, Ecuador), in Europe (Peles, Rumania), in Asia (Bangalore, India) and in the Arab World (Beirut and South Lebanon).

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