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Acciones y propuestas de los jóvenes para el cambio social

de Nacéra Aknak Khan -

This Proposal Paper is a collective work under the coordination of Henri Bauer, researcher at the Research Center on Peace, specialized in the analysis of the links between religions and peace.

Interreligious cooperation is an increasingly significant but frequently difficult undertaking. Over the last millennia there have been many examples of positive cross-cultural exchange and coexistence on every continent as well as far too many examples of conflict and even genocide in the name of religion. The last century has seen the development of interreligious dialog in circles ranging from theoretical and comparative discourse and study among intellectuals and liberals to activists' cooperation for peace and justice. Dialog is being engaged today at international, regional, national and local levels and can be focused on as a deepening of understanding, sharing of spirituality, preparation for social action or even as a political commitment or protest.
Two approaches confront each other on the subject of relations among families of religion and the life of human beings; the first gives precedence to exclusive truth claims and ambitions for control of social structures but can lead rapidly to disillusionment with and irrelevance for religion. The second affirms a sense of mystery in its approach to the sacred and can facilitate an inclusive and cooperative contribution by religions in the building of society.

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FECHA DE PUBLICACIÓN: 2 de noviembre de 2001