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Law and Global Governance

by Carlos Liberona -

The purpose of this paper is to propose some themes to be debated about the future effects, problems, and perspectives of the recent experiences centered around issues of international law (the International Tribunals for Rwanda and former Yugoslavia and the "Pinochet" and "Milosevic" cases, among others). It deals with themes of concern for international organizations, associations, non governmental organizations, institutions and local groups that fight for the dissemination, defense, and entrenchment of those rights. Particular emphasis is placed on the sphere of civil and political rights within the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). In this paper questions dealing with economic, social and cultural rights have not been taken into account, although we refer to them on various occasions.

Proposals are elaborated around 5 central themes that could be some of the key challenges in the future:
1. Directions and challenges in the institution of an international criminal law: impunity, amnesty, and reconciliation in the light of recent experiences
2. International organizations, institutional actors, and conflict situations: issues in legitimizing an international community
3. Peace, war, violence: the need to evaluate and understand the context of the actions and legitimacy of international institutions
4. Immigrants, refugees, and exiles: the right to asylum in the international context - between emergencies and state policies
5. Dilemmas and means of protection and guarantees: authorities, individuals, and categories of persons as legal subjects as defined by the UDHR

Each theme is hereafter presented with brief suggestions to guide the debates, and to show that it is possible in each case to distinguish concrete cases and specific debates. Wherever possible, each situation or topic is linked to the relevant articles of the UDHR.


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PUBLICATION DATE: 28 November 2001