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Principles of Governance for the Twenty-first Century

by Pierre Calame -

Common principles of governance applicable to both local management and global governance, resulting from the work of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World.

Governance, from local to global, is at the heart of the changes occurring at present. Private enterprise, the market, national governments, and representative democracy are no longer appropriate to meet the needs of the twenty-first century. Governance must be capable of managing relations among different sectors of activity, among social actors, and between human activities and ecosystems. The different Alliance Workshops - those devoted to the governance of territories, states, and the world, as well as those devoted to sectorial problems such as security, water, energy, finance, science, etc., - have identified common principles for governance in the twenty-first century:
1. Governance is based on a territorial approach and on the principle of active subsidiarity.
2. Through governance, plural communities can be set up on scales ranging from the local to global.
3. Governance puts the economy in its place and defines that which is market-related and that which does not.
4. Governance is based on the universal ethics of responsibility.
5. Governance defines the cycle of formulation, implementation, and control of public policies.
6. Governance organizes cooperation and synergy among actors.
7. Governance is the art of designing systems matching the pursued objectives.
8. Governance controls flows among societies and between them and the biosphere.
9. Governance allows both short-term management and long-term projection.
10. Governance generates the conditions for the legal and legitimate exercise of power, ensures short-term stability and prepares long-term evolution.

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PUBLICATION DATE: 28 September 2001