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Allies around the World (April 2003)

by Gustavo Marin -

This memo presents the Geocultural Path of the Alliance in April 2003. It provides an overall view and makes it possible to draw some conclusions from the experience and the future of the geocultural path of the Alliance.

The memo is based on travel reports, meetings, answers to the Call for Initiatives launched by the FPH in May 2002, telephone conversations, articles published on the Web site of the Alliance, and info sheets stored in the FPH intranet.

The general vision of the main stages of the trajectory of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, from 1994 to 2003, makes it possible to draw some conclusions on the experience and the future of the Geocultural Path of the Alliance.

Despite their weaknesses, the Geocultural Groups, with all their diversity, can constitute the stuff of renewal for the Alliance in this second stage. Their autonomy and their articulation among themselves and with the Workshops and the Socioprofessional Networks can provide a new dynamics. They will of course have to rely mainly on their own forces and a range of financial resources will be indispensable not only to cover their work but also to reinforce their autonomy. We are still far from the implementation of Regional Citizen Assemblies, but this perspective is present in some of the better socially integrated groups. It will take painstaking work to facilitate the flow of information among the groups and their networking.

Finally, partners will have to be sought tenaciously in the vast regions where the Alliance is not, or hardly present: North America, Northern Europe, and Central Asia, to mention only some.

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